Quality Policy

“As Helba Pharma İç ve Dış Tic.San.A.Ş., we carry out our activities in compliance with national and international standards, as per legal requirements and current GMP requirements, with all our stakeholders and employees in all of our pharmaceutical productions and other operations.

Our company has adopted the principle of providing an error-free and reliable service in all its activities without comprimising on quality, while protecting the environment and human health.

We declare and undertake that we see these goals and principles as everyone’s responsibility and thus we adopt them to our employees. We continuously evaluate our performance with audits for a sustainable and improving quality system.”

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Helba Pharma İç ve Dış San. Tic. A.Ş. Tuzla Leather OIZ pharmaceutical production facility, our company is committed to continuous development and improvement by ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for the protection of employees from occupational accidents and occupational diseases, in compliance with legal regulations and other conditions and occupational health safety standards. Raising awareness of employees through trainings, taking necessary measures to reduce and identify risks, and ensuring the participation of employees and employee representatives under the leadership of Senior Management form the basis of occupational health and safety policy.

This policy establishes the following basic structure in order to achieve its objectives in the development of Occupational Safety culture;

• Performing continuous improvement to prevent injury and health deterioration,
• Ensuring employee participation in order to establish, evaluate and increase occupational safety performance criteria,
• Ensuring the health and safety of employees, visitors, subcontractors and related parties within the factory,

We set the goals for continuous improvement and development regarding Occupational Health and Safety under the leadership of senior management, and see achieving the goals as the responsibility of all Helba Pharma Employees, and announce our activities on these issues to the public.

Environmental Policy

Helba Pharma İç ve Dış San. Tic. A.Ş. Tuzla Tuzla Leather OIZ pharmaceutical production facility, the company undertakes to keep the natural environment under control in the framework of its life cycle by protecting the natural environment and to constantly develop and improve it in order to prevent pollution in all its activities. Regularly evaluating the compliance with laws, environmental aspects, risks and opportunities and expanding the waste awareness sustainably through training and information activities underlie the basis of our environmental policy.

This policy establishes the following basic structure to achieve our goals by adhering to corporate values;

• Reducing the environmental impacts and increasing environmental performance by evaluating environmental risks and opportunities and preparing appropriate action plans,
• Ensuring the proper disposal in accordance with the legislation with the reduction and recycling of wastes,
• Taking the needs and expectations of the interested parties into account, evaluating the environmental aspects, monitoring and informing the stakeholders,
• Evaluating and managing the risks related to the changes to be made since the planning phase of existing and new investments,
• Preventing environmental damage through emergency management programs,
• Reducing the consumption of natural resources by using energy correctly and efficiently,
• Maintaining environmental studies with the participation of all employees with up-to-date information in laws, regulations and standards, and ensuring their continuity,

Under the leadership of senior management, we are committed to continuous improvement and development within the framework of the life cycle by sharing the environmental protection culture with all employees and stakeholders and announce our activities on these issues to the public.