Quarter-Century of Experience

Our company, which was founded as a pharmaceutical warehouse in Azerbaijan in 1995, grew rapidly and has become one of the leading pharmaceutical distributors within 5 years. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, a need arouse to supply quality drugs in the former Soviet Union countries. Welfar İlaç, one of the first pharmaceutical marketing companies in Azerbaijan, was established in order to meet this need and ensure that people have accurate information about drugs.

Welfar İlaç, has been developed rapidly in the period between 2000 and 2010. It opened its sales & marketing offices in all CIS countries and has still been successfully carrying out these activities.

Welfar İlaç which aims to make its own production in order to take its 25 years of commercial success one step further , has been involved by 2018 in Turkey’s pharmaceutical market in 2008. To achieve this goal, Welfar Ilac has been rapidly growing day by day. In 2008, with an aim to turn to being an industrial company from a commercial company, Helba Pharma company was founded in 2008 in Turkey and Helba Pharma has developed rapidly in the time and has become a corporate company by taking the form of the center of sales & marketing offices in all countries.

Helba Pharma currently has 65 pharmaceutical product dossiers files, actively continues its sales & marketing activities in Turkey and in all CIS countries. Helba Pharma family, with a team of 350 employees, works continuously for a holy task such as providing quality medicine to the people of the country. This task provides qualified products to the people of the country and improve human health.

Helba Pharma increased its working capacity mostly in export and continues its pharmaceutical product registration procedures successfully in countries such as Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Philippines, Iraq, Jordan and Kuwait.

Our Values and Ethical Principles


We perform a transparent, honest, reliable and mutual information exchange with all our partners that we are in contact with. With out corporate working structure, advanced technology production facilities we take quality as our philosophy of life, both inside and outside of the organization.

Sense of Quality

Our management along with all our employees and stakeholders aim to carry Helba Pharma to the future with advanced technological production and profound understanding of service. Quality for us is the responsibility of serving for the human health.

Commitment to Ethical Values

Compliance with laws, human rights and business ethics, which are implemented in all our processes, and our emphasis on employee satisfaction with our ethical and principled management approach are our primary principles.

Entrepreneurism and Innovation

As Helba Pharma, we perform continuous renovation and development studies by making use of advanced technology for new products and the most recent production techniques.

Human Oriented

The secret of success and quality living is happiness. We work in an environment full of love and respect, considering the future generations, with the sense of responsibility, environmental consciousness and with an integrity with all our employees as a big family.

Social Responsibility

We are aware that we are responsible for the society, the environment and our country as well as our commercial field of activity. In line with this consciousness, we give priority to projects that will create social benefits.


İlaç Ruhsatı


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Yıl Deneyim

Our company, which was founded in 1993, has constantly improved itself and worked with determination to improve human life. We have great honor and responsibility for this struggle that we performed for the most valuable asset of human health. On the way which we set ourselves out for a strong future, we are constantly working for the life we dreamed of by offering new products to human healthcare services every year.

Today our portfolio of over 100 drugs has reached the people who were in need not only in Turkey but in 20 countries all around the world. With the success we have achieved, our company allows us to work with even greater goals in our local sector as well as in the world on behalf of our country.

Our company, which works mostly export-oriented, increases its foreign market area and distribution power each and every day. Every year we take even bigger steps to become a reputable international brand in the countries we work as well as on a global scale. Helba Pharma shows a continuous and dynamic development to achieve the future we desire. It will always represent our country and our industry with pride.

Vafadar Hasanov
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer new, high quality medicines and products for medical sector to increase the quality of life, working with a customer-oriented approach and keeping customer satisfaction as our priority.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a rapidly growing and reliable company in the countries we operate.