Production Facility

Helba Pharma will start its operations in 2021 with its high-tech production facility in Istanbul Leather Organized Industrial Zone.

A wide variety of pharmaceutical products will be produced at the high tech production facility which is exemplified with an annual production capacity of 75 million boxes and where GMP requirements are met.

Automation systems that increase productivity with technological investments are used in our production facility.

Production Departments

Solid Production Packaging Department: Production and packaging will be made in Tablet and Film Tablet forms.

Semi Solid, Pessary (Supp) Production and Packaging Department: Production and packaging will be made in Cream, Pomade, Gel, Pessary and Suppository forms.

Contract Manufacturing

Helba Pharma will carry out contract manufacturing for pharmaceutical companies as well as its own products. Call us for collaborations.


All purchasing, production and logistics processes will be carried out with SAP software.


All ventilation and utility services will be managed.


Critical quality parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure difference will be monitored in the production areas.


Change, deviation supplier audit, customer complaints, production protocols…

2D Barcode

Tracking system from the drug warehouse to the pharmacy and the user with the Barcode on the product box.