Our company, operating to provide health solutions for 25 years, continues its story of improving lives in 6 therapeutic areas with the products developed in its R&D center.

Dermatology, which has been one of our treatment fields for many years and we developed the Clearuré brand by taking strength from our entrepreneurial, innovative approach and our expertise in skin care.

Our product, which differs in that it contains both hyaluronic acid and urea, is a pioneering product with its reparative power as well as moisturizing your skin.

Clearuré can be applied to all skin types.

The health and appearance of our skin, which acts as a protective barrier, has very imperative effects on our lives.

In order to have a healthy and vibrant skin, we must first get to know our skin. Combinations of different skin conditions of skin types.

When is Clearure used?

  • For the treatment of dermatoses such as skin dryness, eczema, cutaneous eruption,
  • To attack the threat of itching, moisture,
  • To moisturize and revitalize our daily skin,
  • By increasing the synthesis of collagen, it provides reduction in wrinkles.

You can reach Clearuré from pharmacies.